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 Welcome to the Blades of Arnor


The Blades of Arnor are the official Lord of the Rings Online kinship of the Light Knights gaming community. The official Blades of Arnor web site and forums have been moved to the Light Knights gaming community portal. Your adventurers in Middle Earth await you in this direction ...


Blades of Arnor News    
LOTRO: Durchest downed!

We're not sure how we managed to deal with Durchest's weird aggro mechanics but we did and have now killed our first BG boss! Gratz all.
Light Knights WoW Guild News    

WoW: This is how we raid!


Video recorded during a Bastion of Twilight raid by the Light Knights WoW guild on the 29th June 2011. It took us 45 minutes to clear trash mobs which we usually polish off in about 10 minutes! Video uploaded to demonstrate just how we raid... with random (adult) banter on TS and with everyone trying to have as much fun as possible.
Light Knights Rift Guild News    

Rift: Realm of Fae - The Video

The Blades of Arnor Lore

The Blades of Arnor are the descendents of the honour guard of Eärendur, the last king of ancient Arnor.  When Arnor collapsed into civil war following Eärendur's death in III 861 the Blades sided with his eldest son at his capital of Fornost in the newly founded kingdom of Arthedain, although their loyalty to the idea of Arnor remained undiminished.

As Arnor's greatness slipped into history a new and dark power rose in the north-east: Angmar, led by the chief of Sauron's Nazgûl himself.  The Witch King preyed on the old emnities between Arthedain, Rhudaur and Cardolan, the three successor kingdoms of Arnor, and eventually he brought sword and flame to all of them.

After centuries of bitter war and treachery, the final battle against Angmar was fought at Fornost.  Strengthened by forces from Gondor and elves from Lindon and Rivendell, the remnants of Arthedain's armies broke Angmar and pushed the Witch King out of Eriador and back to Mordor, far to the south.  The victory, however, was too late to save the dream of Arnor.  Arthedain, the last hope for a united kingdom in the north, was utterly destroyed.

In the centuries since then the Blades of Arnor have remained as a secret society spread across the whole of Middle-earth, watching and preparing for the next war with the Witch King and his master Sauron.  Their membership has been handed down from father to son and their numbers maintained by recruiting others loyal to their cause.  Men, elves, dwarves and even humble halflings from the Shire all now muster under the banner of ancient Arnor, waiting for Isildur's Heir to return to rebuild the great northern kingdom and its capital of Annúminas.

And now, two thousand years after the final destruction of Arnor, the icy claw of the Witch King of Angmar once more stretches across Eriador.  Orcs, goblins and other fell creatures issue from Carn Dûm intent on spreading death and destruction at the behest of their foul master and, through him, of Sauron himself.  Once more the ancient lands of Arnor are under siege.

   The call to arms is sounded! And again the Blades of Arnor answer.

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If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.

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